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Aman Singh Pradhan
Co-founder & Director, Beanstalk Asia Nepal

If Nepal gives a feeling of serenity and knowledge, no one exudes it better than Aman Singh Pradhan. He can aptly stake claim to being a model business-person. Today, he is well known as one of Nepal’s premier professionals in the field of marketing, sales and supply chain management – but, in the past, he had carved a niche for himself as one of Nepal’s leading models. An extremely affable personality, Aman Singh Pradhan didn’t take the soft route to professional growth, though he hails from a reputed family of the Munshi Pradhans of Kathmandu family comprising eminent politicians, engineers and doctors. He started his own business, and this ability to take on challenges saw him donning recently a very crucial role in the development of Beanstalk Asia’s footprint in Nepal. According to people who have known Aman Singh Pradhan through the ages, what stands him in good stead is his positive attitude and oodles of self motivation.